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Edit911.com review

– 9 January, 2013

Edit 911 is a specialized editing and proofreading service that has experienced editors to work on your written document. When mentioning experienced, this means the editors all have PhD’s and are published scholars. Edit 911 has edited over 21,000 documents since the year 1999. They are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A rating. They have been and still are used by Toyota, Black and Decker, University of Phoenix and tons of other companies.

Services Offered

Edit 911 offers many services to writers to ensure their work is finished perfectly and shines. Such services include book editing, fiction editing, non-fiction editing, dissertation, thesis and essay editing as well as academic editing, business editing, ESL editing, manuscript editing and document editing.

Submitting your Project

There are a couple of different ways to submit your project. You can either click on order services or click on submit project. Either way you will have to fill out a form to order services or to submit your project. When ordering their services you will be able to receive an instant quote to find out what you will need to pay. When submitting a project you will have to fill out a longer form with your contact information as well as information for the project you need edited. The form isn’t too much longer than the instant quote form and it looks pretty straight forward and easy to fill out when submitting your project.

Prices and Payment Options

Edit 911 charges for just the word count and nothing else. The price doesn’t change because of urgency like other editing and proofreading services. The minimum fee is $100 and will get you up to 2,000 words to be edited and proofread. If the amount of words goes to 150,001 words or more then the fee to be paid will be $24 per 1,000 words. The payment options include MasterCard, Visa, Discover and they also take Paypal.

Additional Features

Edit 911 has a few additional features that no one else offers. One example of an additional feature that makes them unique is that if you order their service and need over 40,000 words edited, you can make 2-3 payments until it is paid off. This means they will take so much money from you and edit some of your written document and then stop until the rest is paid off. They also have editors who have PhD’s and are published scholars. Another feature is that you can check out their samples of their previous work before ordering services or submitting your project. They also have a long list of published clients they have edited for in the past.

Customer Support

Edit 911 has a few different ways to get the help and support you need. First, it is encouraged to check out their FAQ’s before calling their phone numbers. If you have a question about the services they offer, you should first take a look of the list of services offered. If you have other questions and need to speak to someone, you can email them, call them or write them through snail mail. They have an email contact form on the contact us page as well as their phone numbers and their mailing address. Their phone number is easy to dial and remember. It is 1-877-Edit911.