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FirstEditing.com review

– 24 September, 2012

One of the things most customers look for in online proofreading services is the wide range of services a company offers. The more proofreading services a company offers the more customers it will be able to attract. This is one of the strengths of FirstEditing. In fact, one FirstEditing.com review brags that the editors employed by the company can correct and perfect ANY type of document.

True to its promise, www.firstediting.com really does take any proofreading task a customer asks it to. Some of the services the company offers are the following:

  • Book editing
  • Manuscript editing
  • Paper editing
  • Copy editing
  • Fiction editing
  • Thesis editing
  • Novel editing
  • Dissertation editing
  • Business editing

According to trusted FirstEditing reviews, these are just but some of the services the company offers. Should the customer be interested in a more modified and specified type of proofreading, then he or she is free to contact the company to inquire.

Speaking of customer inquiries, FirstEditing.com reviews are quite forthcoming with praises on the company’s customer support. However, some customers were miffed at the customer support they have received (and did not). Some said the agents took too long in answering calls. The company should look at this issue to avoid irate customers.

A refreshing change the company brings to the table is that they do not force customers into getting their services. FirstEditing asks customers to send a portion of their manuscript first so that they can send a free sample edit. If the customers like the work the company has done, then they are encouraged to purchase the service right away. This is a class touch to proofreading services every company should emulate. Get the trust first of the customer and showcase its brilliance.

We have nothing but praises for FirstEditing.com. The company offers all range of proofreading services to clients and does a good job at them. FirstEditing reviews do not lie, and all of them contain the satisfaction of customers the company has had through the years. Its customer care is exemplary and provides convenience. The company’s 24/7 service is very helpful especially since it caters to clients from different time zones. Given these, it is not surprising anymore why FirstEditing.com never runs out of customers.