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Proof-reading-services.com review

– 25 September, 2012

Even if you are already accomplished in the field of sciences, it does not mean you are already able to write flawless English. Sometimes, even the greatest of scientists commits blunders in their written works. This highly damages the credibility of their outputs. If you are a scientist, professor of science, or a researcher, the best way for you to avoid this kind of embarrassment is to have your drafts proofread by Proof-reading-services.com.
Proof-reading-services is dedicated to the cause of improving the author’s image by ensuring that all his or her drafts are grammatically sound and his or her English impeccable. As with the academic papers that are mostly turned in by people specializing in the field of sciences, the style should be strictly conformed to. A reliable Proof-reading-services review revealed that the company does not let any paper get out of their hands without being perfect in terms of adherence to academic conventions. This highly attracts academicians who may want to have their papers proofread.

Www.proof-reading.com reviews affirm that the company puts a fixed price on their proofreading services. It charges customers £7.99 per thousand words regardless of the amount of editing done on the paper. This is quite unusual as far as pricing for editing services goes because most companies charge by the page. Proof-reading-services reviews on this matter reflect customers’ doubts with this method of pricing. Most of them are quite confused as to how the company counts the words in a document. Some still prefer the per-page pricing employed by most writing companies.

If you are interested to get the company’s editing services (as you should based on positive Proof-reading-services.com reviews), be prepared to follow their very specific order process. You should email your draft and rename the document as follows: First-name_Last-name_Date-of-proofread-request. After which, you should provide these details on the body of your email request:

Academic field of your document(s)
Your deadline
Style guide

This is quite a system as befit an editing company that prides itself on proofreading scientific documents.
You should never rest on your laurels despite the accomplishment you may already have had in the field of sciences. Grammatical and spelling errors are committed even by the best of people. Since credibility is always on the line especially if you are one who is aiming to be published, it is better for you to commission proofreading services. Proof-reading-services.com is highly recommended if you are in the field of sciences and you want your draft to be ready for publication. A Proof-reading-services.com review highly rates this company.