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Proofreadnow.com review

– 25 September, 2012

Accurate. Reliable. On Demand. Such is the tagline of ProofreadNOW.com. And basing from ProofreadNOW.com reviews, the company really does deliver on its promise.
ProofreadNOW was founded in 1999 to provide efficient proofreading services to marketers, advertisers, publishers, editors, and other professional writers. With such exclusive client base, www.proofreadNOW.com is not for the average student.

Companies need proofreading for the written materials they publish. Brochures, web pages, memos, annual reports, and any other business papers must be thoroughly checked and corrected prior to publication and distribution. According to other ProofreadNOW reviews, this is where the company flexes its muscles.

ProofreadNOW checks such documents thoroughly for simple grammar mistakes and spelling errors. Moreover, they delve deeper into editing by correcting syntactical errors that may affect the overall credibility of such business documents. According to a ProofreadNOW.com review, if a company wants instant upgrading of its credibility through their published materials, then this company should work best for it.

Moreover, the company does not limit its services to English proofreading. Given that it mostly services corporations and other business entities, it provides proofreading in various languages. If you need proofreading of documents in Spanish, the company has people who are up for it. If you are a rep from a Chinese or a Japanese firm, you would not be wasting time in commissioning the proofreading services of this company as they have Chinese and Japanese proofreaders who will better your document. Quite impressive, as certain ProofreadNOW review revealed.
With such a high-profile clientele, the company really ups the ante in terms of pricing. If you do not have money to burn, then forget about commissioning the services of ProofreadNOW.com. The company bases its pricing on several factors:

  • Requested service level
  • Turnaround time
  • Specialty (if any)
  • Number of pages
  • Chosen language

Just to give you an idea, proofreading of an English document in an hour’s deadline would cost you $27 per page at a minimum, a Spanish document $29 per page, a Chinese document $87 per page, and a Japanese document $117 per page. Suffice to say, ProofreadNOW is for those that have deep pockets.

The rates they charge are seemingly unreasonable. Even if they offer specialized services in different languages, the rates are still too high. Potential customers would surely balk at these serious rates.

In summary, ProofreadNOW is not for the average people. Its services are focused on satisfying corporations, businesses, and firms. The company offers proofreading services in different languages thus justifying its high asking price. Accurate. Reliable. On Demand. The company truly lives up to this claim.