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Scribendi.com review

– 18 December, 2012

Scribendi prides itself as being an online proofreading company that renders high quality editing and proofreading at a fast turnaround time and at affordable rates. With such great promises, the customer would surely expect for the best. And Scribendi.com surely does not disappoint.

Founded in 1997, Scribendi was one of the first online proofreading and editing services the world has ever seen. The company has been providing clients with fast, reliable, and affordable services. More than the obvious things a client normally looks at when receiving services, the company goes as far as saying they contribute to the success of the individual. This is quite admirable, as it is not usual for a company to take a more personal approach in its service provision. Look up Scribendi.com reviews and you will see the number of people helped by the company to achieve success.

Speaking of the services www.scribendi.com offers, one would be quite pleased to know that Scribendi offers clients various services to choose from. The company provides all sorts of editing and proofreading services depending on the type of manuscript submitted.

These are the specific services Scribendi attract customers in:

• Editing and proofreading of a book, short story, play, screenplay, and other literary works by budding authors
• Editing and proofreading of an essay, term paper, dissertation, and any academic paper of students
• Editing and proofreading of works done by someone who is not a native English speaker
• Editing and proofreading of reports , memos, manuals, marketing materials, and any other business documents of business people

Editing and proofreading of personal documents such as letters, emails, or resumes done by the average person
What sets the company apart from other online editing services is that they accept outsourced tasks. Scribendi reviews are quite glowing in this company’s venture.

In terms of customer assistance, we admit that we are a bit disappointed that they do not have a 24/7 customer support program unlike most online editing companies. Calling this company for inquiry is confined within office hours in their time zone 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST (GMT -5) from Mondays to Fridays. This little kink in the company’s claim to being the most reliable online editing and proofreading service provider has, in fact, been immortalized in one scribendi.com review.

Overall, the Scribendi seems to set the bar high for being the first online proofreading and editing company. This site is highly recommended for those who need to be reassured their papers or manuscripts are in good hands. If you want to feel that a company wants to really ensure your success, this is the right place for you. Look at other Scribendi review and know what we are talking about.