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EditMyEnglish.com review

– 24 September, 2012

So you want a straight-up, no-frills proofreading company? If yes, the EditMyEnglish is just about the right company for you. EditMyEnglish.com reviews agree that this company employs the simplest of proofreading processes. Clients are requested to follow these simple steps to have their documents proofread:

  • Client uploads the document
  • Professional editors proofread it and mark the document up with their notes and suggestions
  • Company returns the document quickly and cost-effectively

An EditMyEnglish review nailed this process, and we could not agree more. The process is very efficient and is highly recommended to students of different levels who, most often than not, do not have time on their hands. This quick process is beneficial to students who need to have their papers polished first before submission to ensure good marks.

It is safe to say that www.editmyenglish.com is a company dedicated to servicing students because it was founded in 2004 to serve the large international student population at Purdue University. Since then, it has grown to accommodate students not just from Purdue but from all over the world. EditMyEnglish.com’s expansion has proved to be a blessing to students worldwide because they take their proofreading quite seriously. EditMyEnglish reviews have revealed that much.

As far as prices go, EditMyEnglish stays true to its reputation of being a student-centered online proofreading company. The rates they charge are very reasonable especially taking into consideration their quick turnaround rate. That said, their services are well within the financial range of students. For a 48-hour service, you would be charged $4.99 per page and $5.99 per page for a 24-hour service. If you are really in need of quick proofreading services, then prepare to shell out $6.99 per page. The services are reasonably priced given that quality is guaranteed. In fact, no EditMyEnglish.com review expressed negative feedback about the company’s pricing.

Everything seems too good to be true for this company. However, several reviews have implied that their services are not specialized enough to fit certain criteria. This somewhat turns some clients off, especially those that are looking for editing fit for publication.

In summary, if you are a student and you are trying to beat deadlines, do not hesitate to go to www.editmyenglish.com to get proofreading services. Not only do they have an efficient process for those who are in a rush, they also charge realistic fees to their most solid customers—students.