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ScanMyEssay.com review

– 25 September, 2012

Clients might get a bit confused when they type www.scanmyessay.com and see on its home page a description of a plagiarism checker Viper. Not to worry though, you are not on the wrong site. All you have to do is scroll downwards and you will find the services you came to the website for.
A ScanMyEssay.com review was highly helpful in this matter. It thus says that all the client should do is to click on the “Sitemap” tab on the upper right portion of the site and look for “Proofreading services”. The client would then be directed to the proofreading services page of ScanMyEssay.com.

Despite this, the company should fix its website. Not all customers are patient when they do not immediately see what they are looking for. And besides, a badly structured web page does not reflect well on the business.
ScanMyEssay offers high quality, reliable proofreading services for businesses, academics, authors, and government agencies. Knowing the company offers a variety of proofreading services is laudable since a lot of customers with different types of proofreading needs look for reliable service providers on the Web. ScanMyEssay reviews revealed customers’ satisfaction in this regard.

ScanMyEssay employs a fixed turnaround time. The company guarantees that any proofreading order will be returned within two working days (excluding Sundays). This delivery guarantee by the company reassures customers that late turnaround would never occur. However, with a two-day delivery, customers who are in need of proofreading services in a rush would not be accommodated by the company. If you are looking for an online proofreading company that can deliver proofread documents within hours of the time you ordered, ScanMyEssay.com is not the one for you.

As with pricing, www.ScanMyEssay.com does not divulge its rates. You would need to trust the company when it says its pricing is competitive. However, it is further implied that since it uses proofreaders of high caliber, the prices would not be as cheap as what others offer. Although the company is seemingly not transparent with its pricing system, a ScanMyEssay review still deemed this reasonable because the company vows that its pricing is fixed regardless of the amount of correction applied on the paper.

If you want to commission the proofreading services of this company, all you need to do is provide the following information in the order form:

  • Name, email, and phone
  • The essay question
  • Level of education
  • Subject
  • Referencing style used
  • Attachment of the document to be proofread
  • Paper length

It is true that ScanMyEssay proofreads a wide variety of documents. It is also true that they offer top proofreading services as claimed by several ScanMyEssay.com reviews. If you are attracted enough to their services, do not worry if you go to www.ScanMyEssay.com and see a different service offered. Just navigate through the site and you will find what you need. Trust us; the effort is well worth it.