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Webshop.elsevier.com review

– 9 January, 2013

WebShop is an editing and proofreading service which uses native English speakers only to edit your written documents. Their editors either have PhD’s or are close to getting their PhD. They will edit your documents in American English or British English, whichever you prefer or need. Your finished project will be delivered to you within 6 business days. They also offer a guarantee that if your work needs edited again, it will be done for free or your money will be returned.

Services Offered

WebShop offers both American English and British English editing. They also offer illustration services. The Language services are done by native English speakers who are more than qualified to edit your work since they either already have a PhD or are on the way to getting their PhD. If you need illustration done, they also offer this. Let their qualified team of scientific and medical artists create images for you. They also offer your own article services. This means once you are published after your work is edited by them, they will sell you your printed article in whichever platform you want it to be seen in. This could be a journal, book, journal cover poster and much more. What is more is that they even offer translation services as well as special content.

How to Submit

In order to submit your work to be edited or to order their services you will have to create an account with them. You will need to sign up with your contact information as well as inform them about your written document that needs edited.

Pricing and Payment Options

Since there are many different services offered from this editing and proofreading company, there are also many different prices for the different services. For your article services the prices range anywhere from 30 to $60. If you need translation services, the prices start at $300 and go up from there. For editing, the price is either $210 per manuscript or you can check out their group deals for returning customers. Illustration services are pretty cheap at just $19 and up and you will also receive a free quote within 24 hours. Now if you want to create your own book, you will pay either $35 to start for a softcover or $50 to start for a hardcover. Payment options include credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa or Amex.

Additional Features

There are a couple of additional features you can receive when using WebShop for your editing needs. First, you can receive free researcher training through them. This is a web series that is free to view that offers tips on how to get published. You can also try out their publishing certificates. The certificated will display your name and that you have been published.

Customer Support

While you cannot call them on the phone and ask them for help, they do have three different options to reach them. You can submit your question through their online form, email them or chat live with one of their customer support representatives.